Chicken not eating and laying weird eggs! Help!!!

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  1. Breed: Rhode Island Red
    Sex: hen
    Age:9 months
    Egg laying: Has been laying almost everyday for a few months.

    The hen has not been eating and Has been laying eggs without shells... How can I help her! Urgent!
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    If your hen hasnt been eating, she's not getting enough nutrients/vitamins/minerals to properly lay an egg. What are you feeding her? Are there any symptoms of disease or parasites, what does her poop look like...color and consistancy. If you want help, help us as well with more info.
  3. Well they are free range chickens. It is a farm so there is other animals. I am not sure what they get fed. It is not my chicken.
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    I would guess she must have worms if the owner hasn't dewormed her, among other things. She might also have a calcium deficiency. I would isolate her and give her water with vitamins and electrolytes and supplement her feed with a good dose of calcium - i use liquid human supplements in a situation like this. I would get the poop tested for parasites. If that's not an option and she is a free range chicken that hasn't been wormed, i would worm her with Valbazen - it kills most kinds of worms and works well.

    If she's not eating you need to start moving fast.
  5. Poop looks normal... The chicken has not moved and does not look alert... The chicken is isolated... Medicine and suppliments is not really an option :'(. Chicken probably has never had any kind of medicine, She lives on a crazy farm where they use an air hose to clean the horses.
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    I have used vetRX and had success with one of my chickens after dosing once with it.
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    could she be egg bound somehow? is there a mass you can feel in her abdomen?

    you could try and drop feed her some gatorade if you don't have electrolytes - it may help her out at least to keep some hydration in. Though it doesn't sound like an optimistic situation at the moment :(.
  8. We are going to try some gatorade.
  9. She is not egg bound... When she breathes she makes a whistling sound...

    Eye is looks like this except it is not swollen... She does not want to open it though... Does not look like she can see out of it....

    Poop looks like this...
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    If she is breathing with a whistling sound it may be a respiratory infection, which may be the reason she isn't eating- not feeling well. It is possible that she has worms and not a respiratory infection. I don't know.

    Sorry to say that if she fails to eat she will not make it. You can try some scrambled egg to entice her to eat. Other than that if medications/dewormers are not an option then it is just a watch and wait situation.

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