Chicken not eating as much and drinks. Help


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Nov 14, 2018
Hello my chicken recently have been acting weirdly. She would not eat at all. Yesterday I gave her about 4 blueberries and she eats but not as much. Later i gave her bread, she didnt want to eat it as well. She stares at it and refused to eat. I gave her water and she drinks just fine. I usually give her chicken food "Bryant Layer Feed Crumble" but she refused to eat it as well. She laid an egg on sunday, but that was it. Her bottom butt was white and her poop was runny. Now today, her poop is runny brown and a little bit of white. I carried her, but she was screaming like she was hurt. She's an americauana chicken, 10 months old. She inside the house in her box so I never let her go outdoors. I let her walk outside her box, but she only walks a little and stands. I give her blueberries the next day, but she doesn't want to eat. What could be the reason? Any meds do I need to give her. She's separated from all the chickens. The feed store is closed and i can't go until tomorrow. Only store I can go to is walmart.


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Why is she separated from the other chickens? She might eat better with the others. Spend some time to make sure the others allow her to eat and drink. Can you check her crop in her right upper chest to see if it is empty, partly full, hard, doughy, or puffy? In the early morning before she eats, it should be empty and flat. If not, she may have a crop problem. I would offer her part of a cooked egg, and try some chicken feed made wet with a lot of warm water in a bowl. Pictures of droppings are welcome.

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