Chicken not eating - Please help

whisper's wife

10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
We have six dominicker chickens, which we bought for laying hens last spring. One has become lethargic over the last couple of days and is now refusing food and water. My husband said she had wierd green poop. We have isolated her and offered her various food items (kefir, raw liver, apple, water with probiotics added). She is refusing everything. Normally we feed our chickens Purina layer feed and kitchen scraps. Please give us some advice. We've never had a sick chicken before.
Maybe try some yogurt and or boiled eggs. They seem to really like the eggs. Do you have Poly Vi Sol baby vitamins without iron?
My husband was able to get her to take a little bit of yogurt and a little water with a syringe. I don't have any vitamins. I'll try boiled eggs in the morning. I think she's asleep for the night, now.

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