Chicken not laying but still gets on the nest

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    I have one RIR and one black star. The Black star is a little over 2 years old and has molted twice. About a month ago she started laying weak shells and a no shell, then stopped laying altogether. I feed them Nutrina laying crumbles, a little scratch and occasional bread and green leafy veggies. She does not act sick, is not egg bound, but even after four weeks, she still gets on the nest and sits for about an hour or two. She is even sitting on top of the RIR when she is in the nest laying. Her comb is pretty, her eyes are bright, and I am at a loss over this behavior. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here.
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    You may wish to consider removing all treats from her diet - just laying crumbles for a few weeks and see if that helps.
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    Agrees on the diet a little light on the protein.

    How many months is "a little over 2 years old"?
    Did you get her as a chick?
    She's had 2 full what intervals?
    Do you have other birds?

    Sexlinks can lay a lot of eggs, then they can just stop, or really slow down, at 2-3 years.

    I see this is not a new concern....
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  4. Hello,
    This is how I feed my Birds.....Grower for more protein, layer pellets and oyster shell free choice....I do agree that the treats should be cut out all together for a month...I feed treats once or twice a week at 5% of daily ration...

    Just what works with my Birds...

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