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    Aug 26, 2013
    We got our chickens in June and they were about 8 months at that point. They normally each lay one egg a day. They're different varieties, so we can tell who's laying which eggs by the color. We had a black snake in the coop. We thought it had gone, but found that it had really camped out for awhile while we were on vacation, and finally had it relocated. Shortly after that we started letting them free range in our yard. Because of this I'm not sure how long it has been since the Americana has laid an egg. When we realized it had been a couple days since we had collected one from her (sometimes different family members collect the eggs), we kept them confined in the run. At this point, I'm positive she hasn't laid an egg in 4 days. I've been checking the coop every couple hours. I also checked her vent. Yesterday I did notice a couple of her neck feathers are missing. I know chickens will peck on a sick or weaker one, but she is acting just like the other two for the most part.

    Any thoughts? Could the snake have scared her that bad? Could they really be eating the eggs?

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    3 possible things:
    1 It could be a molt, will relay when done
    2 She was scared and decided to relocate the nest. You should know by waiting a week after you got rid of the snake then locking her in the run for a couple of days.
    3 The snake (or another) is coming back to eat the eggs. It sounds like a rat snake to me and they like eggs and chicks.

    The molt is the most likely.
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    May 7, 2013
    [​IMG]. Do I have a roaster?

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