Chicken not laying


Jun 7, 2018
SF Bay Area
I have 5 chicken they are 15 months old.
6/7 weeks ago I moved them to a bigger coop. Feed is the same. All of them slowed down with egg laying the first 2 weeks, but one completely stopped laying. Not a single egg in 6+ weeks. Will it just take more time ? As far as I can tell there is nothing physically wrong with her. She is a BCM.
Is there ventilation in the coop?
Ik moving birds will put them off for a while but 6 weeks is a long time usually 3 weeks max I find is the longest
And r u sure nothing is getting I to the nest cause I moved my pair of Phoenix this year and usually she will clock 3 times every year and I found that magpies where eating there eggs maybe something is taking them?
Ventilation can’t be the problem, that is why I moved them, the old coop had a ventilation problem. The new coop is “open” on all sides. I live in CA so temperatures are not a problem. When I say open it is fully enclosed with hardware cloth. No way for any critter to get in - it would also be odd that only her eggs would be taken.
Attached is a picture of their coop.


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Srry I dont know what the problem could be but it's an absolutely stunning home for them
I'd say give them another couple weeks like 3 or 4 and if they dont start laying by then I'd try giving them away and get 6 new ones if its eggs ur set on
I'd say it's probably a combo of ramping down production to molt soon and the stress of the move.
BMC are not prolific layers.
As long as she is eating/drinking/pooping/moving around OK, I'd not worry.

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