chicken on brink of death?


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Dec 31, 2013
Temperate Australia
I found my poor little D'Anver in a really bad state this morning.

It woke me up making noises of being in stress. It's really hot here as it's Summer in Australia and this bird lives in a tin roof small chicken tractor. It's picked on daily by mostly one of my other 2 chickens pretty severely. It has not been able to integrate into the flock they still see it as an intruder after 3 months! So it lives separately in the neighboring field in the tractor which I normally leave open so it can wander outside. The problem is the bigger chicken jumps the fence and starts to beat it up.

Anyway when I woke up and went to see what the noise was about I immediately knew it was in bad shape so I took it inside. It seemed pretty weak not having total control of it's limbs. It was also panting heavily and making an unusual sound as it was panting, I would even describe it as laboured breathing. Also one of it's eyes is half closed that's because yesterday an ant was caught just below the corner of it's eye. I tried to take it out but it kept flinching which made it go further into it's eye, so that's not helping either. It's much cooler inside I just let it sit on my lap for a bit and it eventually stopped the laboured breathing. I tried giving it water but it only had a sip, it's also not interested in food. At the moment it's just sitting in a bedded bird carrier and every now and then it makes a loud squeaky wheeze type sound.

It's wings are clipped and yesterday I found it actually managed to get halfway up a tree in an effort to escape because it's picked on so much. So if it survives I don't know how I can integrate it or what else I can do. I'm about to move houses so maybe that might help as it will be a new area for all the birds. But there is a big difference in size between the D'Anver and the French Maran. The bantam Australorp is the boss though but before that a much smaller Pekin was the boss of the Australorp. So surely there must be a way to integrate the small D'Anver somehow....?

also please don't reply just saying use the search engine to lookup integration because I have tried all the normal things and they didn't work. I need advice specific to my situation.
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Oct 21, 2015
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Sometimes no matter what you do, a bird will never be accepted into the flock. Personally I do not know that size has anything to do with it. Some birds are just seen as unacceptable.
You can try to keep this bird alive, but it sounds like the bird has suffered, and with your current arrangement, will continue to suffer. I doubt the hen will fair better in a new coop.
The kindest thing you could do is cull the hen. Barring that you may be able to rehome it. Sorry i couldn't give better advice.


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Dec 10, 2012
Try removing the boss/offender and putting her in a separate cage for a while, sometimes you can help change the pecking order. Rehoming her may be an option too, poor girl.

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