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    Late at night around 10:00 or so all the other chickens are in the coop, except for 1, she stays out until I come to put her in the coop. She has been doing this for the last week, and it's keeping me from putting an automatic door on. Why is she doing this?
    By the way - she is 3 years old and has always gone to bed on time except lately..and gets along fine with her 2 other sisters.
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  2. bigzio

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    That's kinda weird if she use to always go in. Maybe she likes the attention she is getting by staying out...LOL!

    I would keep them locked up for a few days if that's possible. It would teach her where home is....although she should know that already...might just work though.

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    Did you change the lights in the coop or outside lately? Are they expected to go in the coop with the natural daylight or is it lighted later? I would wonder if there has been a change in the chicken pecking order recently and somebody is now picking on her when she tries to go in the coop?

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