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  1. sarahharmon

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    Jan 11, 2016
    I need help asap! I had a chicken that kept pecking the other chickens I got pinless peepers and put one on her now all the other ones are pecking at each other they all have pinless peepers one and they aren't doing anything I've also tried the pick no more lotion it's not working! They free range all day I only have six so they've definitely got enough room! I don't know what to do it's getting pretty intense! I also feed them nature's best organic layer pellets and scraps we have. I really need some help!
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    I would suggest upping their protein. Sometimes when they need more protein they will pick and eat feathers. This may settle them down.

    Ideas for more protein; scrambled up some eggs for them, give them BOSS.

    Check the protein content of their feed. If it's 16% and they are layers try changing them to a feed that is 18%.

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