Chicken Pecking Problem


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Aug 26, 2011
I have 8 hens.Two days ago, the hens decided they don't like one of their family members and started pecking her on the head,
So she is doing everything she can to get out. A friend said there is something I could paint on her head and they will stop pecking her that she used to use on her chickens, but she doesn't remember what it was. Does anyone have suggestions how to stop this problem?
There's Blu Kote and also a product called Rooster Booster's Pick No More.
I've used both and they work very well. The Blu Kote is messier and stains so be aware...the Pick No More is stinkier..JMO.
They turn the area darker so that it doesn't look picked or bloody and they don't like the taste of it.
I don't know amything about pick no more, but I have Blu Kote and it is also a disinfectant, if the pecking has caused a wound. It will stain their feathers but eventually wear off as they are replaced.

I had a Welsummer chick with a green chin for the longest time!
The Blu Kote didnt seem to do anything to deter the pecking here other than turn us all purple. I have put all sorts of stuff on the birds to no avail...Matilda is still pulling feathers out. I changed their diet, gave them some entertainment, they have lots of room....Matilda is just a brat. I just ordered pinless peepers and they should be here in a few days. I hope they work. (besides I want a few on hand as I have a hatch happening around the 8th and if anyone gets crazy with the babies they are getting to wear these things for awhile.

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