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    Oct 5, 2013
    we isolated a hen from our other 2 hens. she was getting her feathers picked out bad. so i got a galvanized tub about 3 foot wide. i put cedar chips in bottom, water, food,and i wedge a nesting rod in it for her to roost on. i have noticed, when i let her out to free range after work, there is not much poop. when she gets out in the yard she really poops. she misses the other two so she walks over to them. have seen no eggs. not sure if she lays. we have 3 total hens and receive two to three eggs daily. my question is am i doing the right thing by isolating. do i have the set up right? they eat 16 percent nature wise pellets. any other suggestions on our set up would be nice. first time chicken owners.
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    I think the set-up looks fine.

    Some people have said that increasing the protien in the chicken's diet has helped reduce picking.

    chicken feed often comes in two different %protein levels, pick the higher protein one. You can also try adding meat scraps or meal worms into their diet.

    Even with a complete feed, they should have oyster shell in a dish to the side....but I don't think that no oyster shell would = picking.

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