chicken pile


8 Years
Feb 2, 2014
So my little cheeps are fully feathered, and 10 weeks old. I put them in their coop with no warm light. During the nights it is mid 50's, and my cheeps pile in one corner on top of each other. One night it got down to mid 40's, so I put the lamp in (red light) they still piled. I just put a roost in their coop today, though they are not using it to sleep on tonight. Two chickens were jumping up on it and investigating while we were working on it, so I know they can get on it. Are they cold, or what?

It takes awhile for juveniles to roost instead of sleeping side by side on the ground. Just make sure they are well adjusted to the colder temps without the light. Juveniles can die if they get really cold and pile resulting in the ones on the bottom getting suffocated.

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