Chicken poo pic ... Is this normal or should I be worried?

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    May 12, 2010
    I have a 8 week old RIR pullet. I found several of these droppings in her pen this morning and this afternoon (see pic). I've read a bit about normal intestinal shedding and coccidiosis. I did run to the store to get some Corid in case I need it. Is this normal or not? She has several of these types of droppings ... I'd say about 8 all from this morning and this afternoon and she's never had them before. She's fed non-medicated feed and has only been outside for a couple of hours over the course of the last couple of weeks. I'm a bit worried because I had another pullet the same age that we found dead in the pen with her on Friday a.m. She didn't exhibit any signs of anything, just found her dead. I had a group of four birds running together (two Welsummer roos and two RIR pullets. I just got rid of the two roosters and now the only one I have left is this one). Would it be beneficial to give her the Corid regardless of whether she has coccidosis or should I just wait and watch her? She doesn't appear to be listless or anything else, just lonely, which I can certainly understand given her situation. Thanks!

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    I've never dealt with cocci. However, it's not normal for a chicken to be shedding intestinal lining several times in the morning and afternoon also. I recommend treating them. Maybe someone else can help you more than I can who has more experience in this area.

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