Chicken poo - What should it look like?


10 Years
Jul 31, 2009
Davis County, Utah
I want to make sure I am feeding my chickens the right thing. As their poo looks funny to me, and they make a mess with the feed.

I am feeding my chickens pellets, says its 18% protein, sometimes they get scraps from the kitchen which means breads or vegetables. Sometimes they get scratch also to pick at. I am wondering if their poo is normal as to me it looks like a brownish reddish color and kind of diahrea looking.

My chickens make a mess when eating the pellets, kicking the food out of the feed bucket so it goes all over the ground. AND they act starving when I bring out scraps, which my friend tells me is normal. I do see them all eating the pellets, they lay eggs, act and look normal, the chickens and their eggs

What do you feed your chickens?

What does their poo look like?

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