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    Jun 13, 2010
    If this post best fits elsewhere, forgive me. I just wanted to share how our new hen came to us tonight.

    We had 4 chickens. 3 white leghorns who are 1.5 yrs and a 7 week old RIR named Twinkle. Twinkle was my 4 year old's hen. Poor girl already had to get rid of Nugget, a RIR chick that turneda out to be a roo. Anyway, yesterday Twinkle escaped from an unlocked door on the coop. [​IMG] It was my dumb mistake (the leghorns were in the temporary coop since we were told to wait 3 weeks before introducing birds from different flocks), and I felt horrible. My dd was upset, she's a very sensitive kid anyway, a huge animal lover, and was having a bad day because of a severe sunburn.

    So last night I posted an ad on Craigslist. I told what happened and asked if anyone had a RIR, BR, or EE hen of laying age or younger they would sell to us. Someone replied with 12 RIRs that were 8 weeks. We took our dd to their farm to pick one out for her birthday on Monday. We went to pay the $6 we agreed on, and the couple wouldn't let us pay them! The birds weren't even to sell, they were for their own use...they just read what happened and wanted dd to have her own hen once more. [​IMG]

    I'm so touched by their kindness! And my dd loves Tinkerbell Reba. LOL Gotta love pets named by preschoolers! (Twinkle was so named because it got vetoed as a name for her little sister. [​IMG]
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    It does feel great to know America hasn't completely gone down the drain. I met someone real nice tonight when I got chickens (well I guess now it's been like 12 hours but whatever) He wasn't in a rush to get his money. We bounced knowledge off each other, why I held the bird up to my ear before putting in cage (listening for clean breathing) and how he used a hook to catch his birds (it was a leg clamp that safely grabbed the birds so they wouldn't fly off, then he grabbed with his hands) We talked about feather and color sexing BR chickens, explained how EEs and Ameraucanas are not the same, it was a blast.

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