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Oct 17, 2012
My 6 chickens are not laying eggs. 1, of them, has only had 3 eggs, she was bounded for the first few. I got these 6 chickens from when my school got them. All the other 40 are laying eggs normally. My chickens are not laying, only 2 of them are doing the squatting thing and three of them have very red faces, and sometimes they have a whiteish discharge left on their bums. I am not seeing that they are bound, I check them quite often. Betty, the one that has laid, is acting always pacing and running around. I am very concerned that they are not laying eggs like their 40 other sisters in a different area.

* They didn't like the layer pellets, when I got them mash, they ate like no tomorrow. I am guessing they didn't eat the pellets even though it looked like they did. They have all the layer mash and water they can get. They love grass, so I give them some from around they area. I don't know if that effects them or not.

Please help >w <;..
They are at least 6-7 months old. I believe that they are getting enough sun. They are in the middle of a field where the sun shines on them all day..One of them are laying eggs everyday so I don't know if they are just behind of their other 40 other sisters.
My hens started laying eggs at about 6 months old, but don't lay everyday. I'd guess I average 2 eggs every 3 days in the summer, per bird. When they went into a molt they didn't lay at all for about a month, also they slow down during the winter. Most of my hens lay the same color egg so I can't be sure who laid what egg, but there are an average per day number of eggs. Also, I have found that they have eaten a couple of eggs if the shells cracked and I didn't remove it soon enough, as I have found broken shell evidence a couple of times. Its possible that they might be eating some of the eggs and the shell before you check. Also, could they be hiding the eggs somewhere in the field?
Okay..That could be it..There is one now laying everday, the others arn't doing anything. I guess they are just behind..Haha they are not hiding them, they are in a fenced area and there is no evidence of them eating the eggs. They just look very distressed, pacing a lot.
what kind of nest box/ bedding do they have? how big an area in nest and in total?

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