Chicken proof pipe insulation?

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    My husband has kindly run the water line out to the coop area. I LOVE it – I have 2 spigots outside, one inside and soon a sink to make cleaning feeders/waterers easier. He also hooked up it up to an automatic nipple watering system – 3 nips inside and 3 nips outside. We don’t have harsh winters but we do dip below freezing, so my husband put insulation on the exposed pipes. It was fine for a few days…until the pecking started. They ate a ton of it (trying not to freak out) and completely shredded the longest stretch of pipe that went alone the underside of the coop. It’s on a hillside so they often hang out under the accessible area - about half of the coop. Why it did not occur to us that they would try to eat the insulation is beyond me – of course they would! But, too late now.

    I’m going to have to do something to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting but the pipes are already glued in and it’s a very tight area underneath where the hillside goes up under the coop – about just a few inches space so I’ll have limited mobility. So my question is...what do you guys do to chicken-proof your pipe insulation?
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    They have light gauge tin at Lowes. Cut pieces to wrap around your insulated pipe. You could either use bailing wire to hold it, or use some hose clamps.
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