Chicken proof planting


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I need help! It's finally spring in NH, and I'm looking to get a jump on my yard work/gardening- but my free range chickens are soooo destructive! I only have 6, but they're proficient excavaters. Any suggestions for saving my flower beds (and sanity) while maintaining pastured hens? I have a run in the works, but I'd still like to let them free some.

Welcome to BYC!

Well, when you do figure out how you can accomplish this difficult task, let us all know! My chickens completely destroyed two garden areas a few years ago and STILL nothing is growing out there. LOL

Enjoy your birds and welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Ya, chickens are incredible earth movers. I have become fond of rock gardens. You could try electric fence or poultry netting if you don't want permanent fencing.
I have been searching online for plants they won't eat. Even if they don't eat them, they will scratch around the base and kill them, so I put a ring of rocks around each growing thing. Make sure the rocks are at least a lb or so each. This will keep the base of the plant protected against the excavating! I leave a few beds where they can scratch uninhibited. Bottom line: they love digging!

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