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Okay, here is my novice and personal insight on this great debate experience that I want to share for all the many times innocent peaceful people, who just learn about this website for the first time, and come on here to learn from experts and leave with a positive experience in a single resource to learn everything they can as they move forward in their new Chicken raising experience.

If I never been fishing in my life, and wanted to get started in fishing as a passion and hobby, and I go on a fishing webpage where thousands of seasoned fisherman use, to gain as much insight and knowledge as I could, and asked a simple question about baiting my hook and tons of so called experts kept chewing me out for asking a question hundreds of newbies coming onto the sight asked in the past. then I would probably say the hell with you, and that website and never get involved in fishing because of feeling stupid for asking questions. Same thing is happening here on this site between the Chicken vs Quail habitation question being asked by different newbies in all politeness but keep getting shotgunned in doing so. So I hope my experience and post here will stop such arrogant attacks on future passions in birding and chicken/quail raising homesteaders.

1. I was raised around chickens as a kid, but never knew anything about raising them, just knowledge on processing them when my mom needed to do so. So after I grew up, got married, had kids and then they grew up and left, I decided to start raising chickens and quail both for eggs and meat. So I first did my research on coops and housing etc and took the best ideas I could find, and mold them all into one single coop and run that could house, yet separate both Chicken and Quail. Here is the youtube link of me showing a friend my high quality made chicken/quail coop.
Prior to designing the coop some folks told me they have both together and they are fine, and others say no because they can get sick being together, so I designed it so they are together but separate.

2. Here is a link of my 6 month update on the coop:
As you can see in the video I say at 6 months there is no problem at all between the chickens and quail and getting sick or anything and there wasn't. I believe it is because I raised both my quail and chickens together as very young hatchlings.

3. then after a year and a half I introduced 3 new chickens to my flock of 4 and besides a harsh pecking order between the new birds still no sicknesses at all between them and my quail. But now at the 2 year mark, about 5 months after the introduction of the new birds, I noticed my Aunt Bee (a Plymouth Rock) began gurgling. Then very rapidly all my chickens were infected. None of my quail were sick and all of them are still healthy today. I ended up losing 3 of my birds 2 of the new ones and my Aunt Clara ( a Red Wyandotte).

4. Everyone says it would be my quail getting sick and dying, but with my personal experience it is absolutely the opposite. My quail still producing more eggs than I can keep up, they are healthy and very strong. and my chickens that got coryza and are begin to die. I believe it was the introduction of my new birds that got them sick. Now, this is still the bad news. It doesn't matter if my quail got my chickens sick or my chickens get my quail sick, the bottom line is I cannot have them both together inside my awesome coop. So I have decided to dispatch the rest of my chickens. and I have to make a decision of which to raise. I believe I might bring in pheasants instead of raising chickens as all research I have done both of them can live just fine with each other. Pheasant meat is better for you than chicken meat, and the eggs are edible with more fats but same amount of protein as chicken eggs.

5. Finally, I want and hope, this post will help all you NEW, excited, and resource seekers some great answers to the Chicken/Quail questions, and hopefully all the irritated seasoned chicken experts on here will respect all those coming on this site for the first time looking to create a new passion of our favorite past time of raising birds. :) Peace, love, and unity to all. God bless you and good luck with your new passion.

Gregg Cummings aka Hubbyofbirdlady
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It was interesting to read your post and see your vids,
but I doubt it's gonna change human nature.
Every opinion should be taken with some grains of salt ;)

Curious as to what your climate is:
Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!

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