Chicken really sick


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
One of my chickens is really lathegic, her face is white and her comb is red with a slight purple on the edge of the comb, She has lost a lot of weight and sleeps all day. She's been like this for three days I have given her warm baths and isolated her but nothing seems to be helping her. She hasn't laid for about 4 days and seems to be getting worse. Any ideas what this could be?? Really worried
Stop the baths since she shouldn't be stressed. Check her for mites and lice especially under the vent. What does her crop look like? Any diarrhea or unusual poops? You can feel inside the vent for an impacted egg with a rubber glove and a lubricated finger. Consider coccidiosis if she is lethargic, not eating, puffed up, and having diarrhea. Treatment is Corid or amprollium for 5-7 days.
Her crop looks alright and doesn't feel any different. She has diarrhea it's white with some yolky colour to it and it smells.Her vent was completely white and I couldn't feel anything. She was in the coop two days before I found her hiding, if it's cocci is my other girls at risk? And it is safe to eat the other chickens eggs if they are not showing signs but could of been exposed to it?

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