Chicken Recovering from Being Egg Bound - Should I Worry?

Crumbling Beauty

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Dec 30, 2010
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My hen Ophelia recently became egg-bound. Her vent prolapsed, and the egg was very taunt inside the membrane. With some effort I was able to remove the egg without breaking it, and a second, half-formed egg plopped out after it. Our vet put two stitches in to keep the prolapse inside while she healed, and she has been on antibiotics because she was running a fever. I removed the stitches yesterday (after 11 days), because I thought I could feel an egg forming, and because she was singing the egg song. She seems fully recovered and energetic (in her very calm way). I have been keeping her inside for the most part, and have been limiting her daylight hours to slow the production of her next egg. Does anyone have experience with this? The bound egg was sideways in the membrane, and it was very hard to find any weak spot or opening to move the egg through, even with warm water and lots of lubrication. Is there usually a clear opening in the membrane? Should I worry about her being able to lay her next egg? Ophelia is a Standard Blue Cochin, and this was her first laying effort.

Thanks for any advice

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