Chicken recovering from dog attack - when to re-integrate

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    My young RIR was severely wounded by a dog attack a month ago. She survived (I have no idea how she did that), and I treated her wounds and gave her 4 days of PenG injections; she is pretty much sick of the dog crate. It's still somewhat chilly here (30's overnight, 40's during the day), and her feathers have not grown back yet. When would it make sense to try and re-integrate her? I'm really afraid the other girls will not accept her, so I'm wondering if I should also try and adopt another pullet - then there would be 2 newbies, not just one. I've made her a chicken saddle/apron, but does it really work to keep the other girls from pecking at her? I can't keep her as a house chicken lol - and she really needs to have more space to stretch and move.
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    I would try and put her in the dog crate in the coop with the other chickens when she is ready . She needs to be separated for at least a week in the crate where they can see her. Then let them out together in the yard to free range while you are present. They will probably peck at her at first, and hopefully will work it out, but it may take some time so she is not hurt. The only downside to adopting another hen is there is always a possibility of bringing in illnesses. new birds should always be quarantined for 30 days or more.

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