Chicken recovering from flystrike, watery poop - what should I get this tested for?

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    Aug 2, 2013
    I'm looking for advice on our sweet hen who is recovering from flystrike.

    Two days ago, I noticed she seemed not herself, staying on the roost much later than the others. Yesterday, she was very inactive, just standing around with her feathers fluffed (the way the hens do when it's very cold out -- only it was 60 degrees). I noticed she had "poopy dreads" on her rear, and decided to give her an epsom bath....and then the maggots started coming out [​IMG]

    I think I caught it just in time. Got all the maggots and poop off (great fun), then sprayed her vent with Vetricyn. Vent had a bad odor and seemed inflamed. She's now indoors getting TLC, but her stools are very watery (although no visible blood) and she's still acting very low energy (eating some though). She got fowl pox earlier this year as a pullet and seems to still have it.

    Would you recommend getting the stool tested -- and for what? Do you have other tips for helping her recovery? Rest of the flock seems normal. Thank you so much.



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