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    Sep 3, 2011
    I've shared a couple of posts on here about how my rescue hen, Gladys, was sleeping in a tree and would have to be lured to the coop to sleep.

    I tried a lockdown for three days with no luck. So I locked her up for another three days. I let her out yesterday afternoon. After free ranging for a while, she started to wander off toward the tree, looking up at it with longing in her eyes. My daughter and I herded her away and I tried to lure her (Gladys, not my daughter) into the coop with treats. When she got right up to the coop, she stopped. She walked around it and on top of the run for a while. Then she stopped in front of the door, looked up at the coop toward the roosting area and cocked her head to one side. She walked right past the treats, up the ladder and onto the perch.

    It was as if the light went on in her little chicken brain. "Oh yeah, that's where I'm supposed to sleep." And she did.

    I hope that's the end and we live happily ever after...


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