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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hey everyone....Ive been a BYC member for a long time now, and have grown our flock to 14 hens. i am in RI wherre there are mixed laws in keeping chickens. Where I am it is ok, butt he town next to me it is illegal. On the other side of me, you can even keep roosters with no problems.

    I recently became an Examiner for I am the only National Exmainer writing about backyard chicken keeping. My aim is to both eduacte those that want to get chickens, and have the same questions I had, and laos, I want to talk abotu tricks and short cuts I have learned now that I have been raising chickens for a while.

    Here is the link to my profile and articles. I have published three simple articels so far. I WOULD LOVE SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT!!! I also am fine with promoting other sites if you have one, as long as we support each other!!!

    I am on Facebook...Nick Orlando (Rhode Island). I am on Twitter and you can follow the articles as well @backyardflock.

    If you can click the Like button on the article mastheads, that would be appreciated, and if you know others that coudl spread the word or find this info intersting, please pass on the link. Us chicken people need to stick to gether and support each other. I hope to hear suggestions, comments and anything else you have to say. If you have comments to leave, please leave them onthe articles at the end.


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    article suggestions

    1) Housing - Talk about simple - easy to build coops - maybe even hay bale construction.
    2) Different breeds of chicken & the cool eggs they lay - colors, sizes, etc.
    3) Baby chicks - easter is coming & people will want to know how easy it is to raise chicks. Talk about how to build a home made brooder.
    4) free rangeing - is it for you?
    5) Bio-security - Common issues / salmonilla contamination & how truely rare that is. Maybe explain that home flocks properly cared for never have this issue.
    6) Buying & selling adult birds - what to look for - what to avoid
    7) molting
    8) do I need a rooster?
    9) Ducks? Can you keep them together
    10) you get the point - I could go on all day

    all of these are things people wonder when they get started. A little info & maybe you will have more people raise chickens
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    First, I hope you do your research, as backyard flocks certainly can have salmonella. But this would make a good article -- there is almost no risk of illness for healthy folks who use good handling techniques to limit the number of organisms, and if needed or desired, eggs can be home pasteurized quite simply -- or just cooked enough.

    How simple a coop can be is a good idea. I would want to see the necessity of ventilation included.

    Broodies and raising baby chicks the easy way.
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