Chicken ripped off entire toenail


5 Years
May 8, 2019
I was giving my chickens water when I noticed that one had an unusually pink nail. I picked him up and realized that his entire toenail had been ripped off. He's clearly in pain and has been limping and keeping pressure off of that foot/nail. How can I treat this type of injury?


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I'd bandage it. Grab a small soft cloth, put some antibacterial stuff on it, wrap that around the toe then secure that by wrapping athletes tape around the toe so no dirt gets in. Check on it every day or so and replace bandaging until its healed. Good luck!
I'd use something gentler than peroxide. Veterycin if you have it, or saline if not. A bit of plain neosporin. Toes can be really hard to wrap and get it to stay on without wrapping the whole foot. It will harden up and after a few days be less painful, but it will be quite painful til then. Imagine your finger nail or toe nail getting ripped off, the tissue underneath is really sensitive. It will probably be fine, just keep an eye on it for any abnormal swelling or signs of infection. If his run is very dirty (meaning droppings etc) or wet then I'd probably crate him on towels or puppy pads til it dries up, to help keep it clean, but likely it will be fine.

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