Chicken run, but how tall?

Johnny Appleseed

10 Years
Jun 12, 2009
I am about to fence an area for a chicken run. My ckickies were taking over our whole back yard and leaving nice patties all over fun us to step in. We even got "chicken boots" for our 4 young children and "chicken shoes" for us so that our other shoes wouldn't get plastered with chicken muck. So, for the summer, we would like to have our back yard again without needing "chicken boots" for us and all our guests.

So, I need to know a height for the fence. Should I make it permanent or temperary with chicken wire/hardware mesh. Mainly, I need a height. Thanks y'all for any input...

Johnny in San Diego.
What type of chickens do you have...For example, silkies don't need a high fence...You should consider putting netting or roof on whatever height it is though, you'd be suprised what will swoop out of the sky or scurry up and over...
Well...I am new to chicken raising. About 6 months ago we got our first chicken as a white elephant gift at a Christmas party. So I am not good at the types yet. Hmm. I will try to post a picture. Anyhow, they are good size. Black chickens and the pretty orange chickens. I think that my rooster is a bantam. That is wierd...they have chicks together...what will they become. haha.
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Please take my advice- make it tall enough that you can stand up! I have two that are tall enough, and one where I have to stoop. I dread mucking out that run, makes my back ache. it is outdoors and I don't plan on a roof for it. They have been running in the backyard for months with NO bird preditors...they will have plenty of cover in the run. Anyhow, I just don't want to build and then have them getting over. Is 4 feet tall enough or 5 or 6? Just wanted to know from someone else with experience, since I have little. I have a cool coop though. Nothing like the fancy ones some built.
Depends if you want it tall for the animal's comfort or for yours. If you need to be in there mucking it out or collecting eggs, 6 ft+ but if it's a tractor or just for the birds, 4 ft. I like to give them some roosting room and flight room if they want to / when they sort out pecking order they can jump pretty high.
Mine can get over a 4 foot fence if they want to. I recommend a 6-foot fence. Unless there are roosts climbing towards the top, mine can't get to the top of the 6-foot fences.
If no top is going on and you want them to stay confined, i would not go with anything less than 6 feet as your birds don't appear to be overly heavy...

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