Chicken run consederations : Free rangeing in a veggy garden?

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    Dec 22, 2014
    I'm new to this, but open minded about learning the does and don'ts of it. I have a veggie garden, 6 x 80' rows. I want to raise chickens for eggs, fertilizing and help with insect issues because this is a organic field. My ideas about it is to make a tractor coop large enough for a dozen chickens, but six to start. I want to make a run to encompass 2 rows at a time. My garden has 2 rows separated by a grass lane 2 more rows and another grass lane and then 2 more rows . The lanes would be wide enough for the tractor coop, and the runs constructed by metal temporary poles with stiff chicken wire covered. As it works I would move the coop and fence to the second row, then the third. I see the predators are cats, hawks, stray dogs. Foxes coyotes wolfs not a factor, I live in Louisiana, in a small town with NO restrictions on raising chickens. My question is "Would this plan be wise or What?" I would like to free range them, but if that would be unwise in the manner I just described, please advise me, and ANY helpful suggestions would be appreciated by me, So far no chickens bought, and the Coop in the design mode at the moment, so far no damage ... lol THANKS
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