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    Hi, i live in southern Maine and have a question about my run. It is 12 x 16 and surrounded by fencing, and i added a 4' high tarp all the way around to keep out the wind. Question is, should i add hay and/or pine shavings to the ground to make it more comfortable for my chicks while resting in the run and out of the wind???
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    I would definitely recommend putting out a thick layer of hay to create a nice layer between them and the cold ground. Something I do when I'm worried about my birds getting cold (despite living in the south), is building a little burrow out of hay where they can hide away and keep warm. You can take a box, cover it with hay, and lay out a good layer of hay inside the box. It gives them a little nest to hide away in and, if several make a home there, they'll keep nice and toasty. I did the same thing for my rabbit when he was alive. It created a good place for him to sleep and stay cool/warm when the need arose.
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