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    Feb 27, 2018
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    Hello, I was hoping some you experienced chicken folks could give me your thoughts on an idea I have for our chicken run. I will be getting 5 chickens and am looking to have a run that is roughly 8'x16'. I wanted to put privacy fencing (6ft high panel) and use that as one side of the run. All other sides will be hardware cloth. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or has anyone done something similar. We also have a more narrow area that is lined with privacy fencing on one side and two out buildings (so basically the back/sides of our carport and shed) that I would like to add some fencing to as an alternative run. This area would be 100'+long and maybe 6' wide. It would not be covered, so would be used on weekends or as a change of pace for the evenings. This area also doesn't have much grass, but a lot of dirt leaves, small weedy trees, and is pretty shaded, so would maybe use it on really hot days as well. But again, it would be inexpensive to fence completely fence it off due to the existing privacy fence and the buildings.
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    Sounds pretty good without being able to see. A few things. You'll want to put hardware cloth on all 4 sides including that fence and a 2ft hardware cloth apron or bury some vertically 2ft down. Do you have plans for Arial attacks? Don't overlook that aspect even if you don't think you have a problem.
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    You're going to want a solid roof strong enough for snow load,
    unless you want to shovel out the run in winter.

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