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  1. I have a few hens that have the feathers stripped off her back, one of them has been bleeding some. I thought it could have been the roosters but then I saw a that a hen was the one pecking her back. So I would like some chicken saddle ideas, I've tried one that slipped over her wings and tail but she keeps on slipping it off.


    P.S. If the mean hen keeps it up should I separate her for a few days.

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    Feather pecking can just be a bad habit but it can also be a sign of a problem. The biggest causes are a lack of protein in the diet or overcrowding or even bordem. Are they eating the feathers? If one of these could be the issue you really want to make sure to address it quickly.

    But, sometimes there is just a bully.

    The agressor would need to be separated for more than a few days. You would need to give the flock time to establish a pecking order without her and then re-introduce.
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  3. Ok thanks. I will try and figure out if she's eating the feathers or just being mean. thanks again.
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    The roosters probably started it with their mating. A hen will see a loose feather and pick at it. When a new feather starts it is filled with blood. A very noticeable object on a bare hens back, and other hens often will pluck it. So the bare back is prolonged when the other hens decide blood feathers are good. That is a scenario I have seen several times. If that is the case, I would put her in a cage in the run/coop for awhile to let the feathers grow back. Separation like that will lessen the pecking order problems when they get back together.
    Of course a bully makes it more complicated. A separation of the bully first might be the way.

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