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    Greetings everyone. I'm sure this topic has been discussed but I just re-registered having forgotten all my access info. Anyway, I'm looking for a good scratch grains recipe because I've noticed a lot of waste when feeding commercial scratch. My hens just aren't all that happy with all the corn for starters. They are free-range in the summer so have a delightful time eating all kinds of goodies they find but I still keep scratch available always and layer crumbles but they seem not all that happy there either. I read on another topic postings that some people prefer Layena over Nutrena and many disliked both. I'm not sure of anything else available where I live. My chickens also get fresh fruit and veggies, all kinds of goodies from the kitchen and they are really fond of cooked pasta which I give them one a week and cooked rice, also a once a week thing. ANy suggestions would be appreciated. I also have 6 geese.

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    Typical store bought Scratch is merely 3 or 4 grains combined. It is hardly a balanced feed. Ok, there are those super rare blenders who make higher quality, but typically speaking, scratch just isn't all that nutritionally balanced for hens. The price here in No Michigan has skyrocketed. I've passed on even buying any for months and months.

    If you over due the kitchen food, it can effect their appetite for the layer feed. If you want to feed a home made feed formula, there are some recipe's posted by other BYC's here that would be interesting, if you can find the ingredients locally.

    One thing you might consider is finding a layer feed that they actually like. My hens are not the least bit fussy. They'll eat layer feed from a local mill, Layena, Southern States, Armada Feeds, DuMor etc. I'd have to say this, however. Their absolute favorite feed is Flock Raiser. It's better ingredients and higher protein must make it more flavorful for them.
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    Thanks Fred, I appreciate the info. Guess I'd better do some research on the various nutrition in the grains I have available. Our local mil used to do custom mixes but the "mix master" retired so I haven't been there in awhile. I'll stop by and see if they do and just come up with my own. The girls (my hens) don't get a bunch of kitchen goodies as I have two hollow teenage boys that practically live here...I'm sure their parents appreciate my feeding them but they work hard for me and get stuff done so it's a win-win. Again, thanks for the info.

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