Chicken seems paralized? What??


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Jul 30, 2011
About 3-4 days ago the grandkids went to see chicken flock and found a bird on her back. They uprighted her and she wobbled around. they came for help. the chicken had her wings drooping, one more than the other and she limped and wobbled like she couldn't support her weight on one leg. When we threw a handful of scratch, she ran to get some, crouching to eat. Later she was laying under a bush when we put out some scraps, she had to back out, tripped over her wings and ended up on her back with her feet in the air. after the second day we isolated her. This morning there was another bird exhibiting the same symptoms. She is now isolated with the firts hen.
these birds are easter eggers, are just under 30 weeks, they have shaving bedding, she seemed a little light when I picked her up. I haven't distinguished their poop from the rest of the flock. The hen house is very generous for the amount of birds and the run is very big too. this is our 3rd or 4th year with chickens. up until this year we have been very blessed with no illnesses. But this spring we had an outbreak of coccitioses (spelling??). We treated for that and had to repeat it twice and now plan to dose their water every 30 days. and are adding cider vinigar to their water. But these symptoms don't follow that diagnosis. This hen house had mites a few weeks ago. we treated and then changed out the bedding. ANY IDEAS??
Sorry for the long post, but wanted to give accuraate info for a correct response. Thanks!
had several chicks do this at about 5 months old and then they die it starts out with her not wanting to eat and then their limbs are completely bet where their knees would-be and then they dieI was told there vaccinated for Marek's disease although it's typical and looks like Marek's disease

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