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    Hi guys! I took a break from backyard chickens for a while, but I am back! I am have a few topics that I would like to discuss with you all. I have spring and summer on my mind. I am going shopping for my chickens today, and am wondering what you guys get on your shopping runs. The same layer feed, straw, and shavings on my feed store runs is getting a little boring. Do you guys have any ideas on what I should get for my chickens? I am also expecting 5 baby chicks to arrive on April 11th! I'm really excited! I also have a few questions;

    how many eggs do silkies lay per week and what color are they?
    One of my chickens is eating eggs and I am planning on trying the soap water trick. Does it really work? Does anyone else have any tips on how to break this habit?
    What should I get on my shopping run? What do you get?

    So happy to be back!

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