Chicken sick for over 5 months.


Jun 21, 2022
Ok so I have a white brahma who is about 2 years old. about a half a year ago we realized she was being picked on REALLY bad we set up a spot for her in our garage so the others couldn’t get to her. As soon as her wounds were getting better we noticed SHE was getting sick. when she drinks or eats she makes a sort of wheezy sound but other times it looks like she can breath just fine. she does this sort of seizure every once and a while she’ll flap her wings a bunch and sort of fall to the ground and sit there for awhile over the months she has gotten awfully light she eats and drinks just fine (other than the wheezing) but she is very weak. She’s become very lazy and doesn’t like to walk and pick around as much. We don’t know if she’s getting better or not but if she’s in uncureable pain I’d wanna put her out of her misery. We looked into merrots disease but in those cases the entire bird becomes paralyzed wich isn’t true for her she can hold her hEad up just fine. She’s been around are other chickens (although for awhile we kept her separated just in case it was contagious) but inevitably she HAS come in contact with the others and all of them have been just fine. Her poop looks fine but it has collected on the feathers around her butt. She still lays eggs about twice a week. We haven’t given her any antibiotics so far becasue we don’t know what we would give her. We can’t take her to a vet becasue the cost would be ridiculous just for them to tell us what’s wrong never mind a treatment. The Only reason we haven’t put her down is becasue I’m worried she might be getting better and I don’t wanna do that to her. If we were to put her down she wouldn’t be euthanized my dad would do it and I don’t like the way he does it it doesn’t feel humane. She walks very strangely and her tail faced to the ground. After about a month or two we felt bad for keeping her in the dark garage so she now stays in a split off park of the chicken coop we’re she can walk around and scratch at stuff and be outside even though she doesn’t have the energy or want to. I dunno what to do considering she is still in somewhat the same condition.
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Are you able to get a photo of her and post it? We can tell a lot from a chickens' stance and appearance what may be wrong.

A chicken that holds their tail down low is usually in pain. When she walks, are her legs far apart and does she seem to waddle like a penguin?
Here she is when she walks she sorta lifts her legs up higher than usual

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