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  1. Thank again,
    I switched her location out to the run.
    She was just trying to find a way out but now is cleaning herself, happy to be with the gang till night fall. I can leave her out there its safe but she will attract attention, I might just slide a piece of plywood bewteeen cage and run wall so she not being sniffed at all night:)

    By the way it took me about half hour to make a cage, I have wood coming out of my ears ( carpenter) and had the mesh left over from coop ( I was wondering why I held on to it:) )

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  2. goldies99

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    Jul 22, 2011
    looks great!!!.... i wish you were here to help make me broody cages!!!!...its good to keep extra wood and never know when you need it!!!!...maybe sometime you will hatch, and then you will need to make chick cages!!!
  3. I’ll keep you posted .....
    She was doing this ( nesting) for a couple days so I’m guessing at least a few days in the cage?
    How many days after she’s broken before eggs resume?
    Will she be prone to repeat, I wonder.
  4. goldies99

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    Jul 22, 2011
    once she breaks, she should start laying fairly just depends how much she wants to hatch....she may be good for the rest of the season....and she may never go broody again....or she could go broody every year....i have a couple hens that go broody twice a season.....and i would start with 3 days in the broody breaker....but if she runs to the nest box, put her back in the cage straight away!
  5. 3 full days today
    I let Babe out. when I open the cage she didn’t come right out, it took the others going in to bring her out, and a hand full of scratch :)
    She ate the scratch and then went to the bathing area to have a bath (they do love a good roll in the dust)

    Hopefully this did the trick, thanks so much for the advice!!

    I keep you posted if she returns, if you don’t hear from me , she’s good.
  6. goldies99

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    Jul 22, 2011
    i was thinking about you, wondering how she was doing....glad to hear things seem to be going well....hope that did the trick!!!
  7. Thanks !!
    Update.... yes i know:)
    She has been out in the run all day!!! Yay!
    Must be hard to lay an egg in this hot weather, I’m getting a lot of false alarms. My other buff who takes forever to lay an egg was in the box panting away/ no egg ( I thought I had another one.)she’s out now!!!
    I ‘ve been given them cold water / watermelon to keep cool. Can they handle the rind? , mine are eating the whole thing. I take the best part and eat it and give them some red part plus the rest of what’s left
  8. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My Coop
    That's how I roll, leaving little to no red part for them.
    They love it and will eat it right down to the skin.
  9. LittleMissCountry

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    Mar 30, 2018
    Glad you got her out of being broody. I have a buff orp that ia also about 1.5 years old, and she goes broody all the time. It started about a month after she started laying eggs, and she does it about every two to three months. Ar first, just kicking her out of the nesting box works, but the last few times I have had to do the wire crate trick. In fact, she is in the wire crate right now, in the run, as she went broody yesterday.
  10. goldies99

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    Jul 22, 2011
    happy things are going well.....i cut watermelon into quarters....cut chunks and put in a container, then give all the rinds with a little red to the chickens...sometimes there is still some juice left, and they like that too!....frozen peas are a fun treat for them in the hot weather too!

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