Chicken sneezing


7 Years
Jul 10, 2012
Hey all,

I have a flock of about 15 chickens. 3 of the are sneezing about ever 2 - 5 minutes. I just noticed today. ANy advice?
Any other symptoms like swelling of the face or eyes, eye bubbles, eye or thick nasal drainage? Any foul odor? If not it may be infectious bronchitis, but could still be mycoplasma G. Tylan 50 or Tylan powder would be a good antibiotic to have in case they develop more symptoms. Here is some info on the diseases and symptoms (look especially at MG, IB, and coryza.)
Mine honk and sneeze when I feed them dry crumble. They eat it so fast that it's more like they are inhaling it than swallowing it. Keep an eye out for other symptoms. Wheezing is usually the onset of upper respitory problems.
Sometimes when it is dry out my girls will sneeze, or one will sneeze over and over for a few hours. But it usually goes away. I would watch for other symptoms carefully, but in my flock, it's usually a temporary condition.
Personally I would not give them anything unless they develop the other symptoms I listed. If or when they do, I would use Tylan 50 1ml either as a shot in the breast for 3 days or orally for 5 days. If you read the link it gives medication suggestions.

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