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7 Years
Mar 5, 2014
So here the questions I am pondering during this, my first year having chickens. Do any of you have any ideas about the significance of the roosting positions. I have 8 chickens and the roosts I have a tiered. There are three and the top one has room for 4 chickens comfortably and 5 at most. I think the higher ranking birds get the top rung and I notice they seem to stick to a pattern of who sits where and there is quite a bit of jostling when they go to roost. Any ideas, observations or theories about what the positioning means and what would constitute the best spots?

So on the topic of the pecking order: Do you notice it is actually a pretty complicated fluid structure? It seems like it is complicated. Hen A may be dominate over Hen B. Hen B is dominate over Hen C but Hen C is dominate over Hen A. So it is not Hen A-Hen B_Hen C - it is Hen C over being dominate over Hen A but pecked by Hen B, who Hen A pecks. COmplex. Anyway, just your thoughts for some fun. Thanks.
I see what you see! Lucy is dominant over Ayla but Blackie is dominant over Lucy. Not so with my roos, though. It's pretty static with the boys.

As for the roosting position, yes, Beethoven and Lucy usually get the best spots. Right next to the window.

It really is interesting (and complex) to watch the interaction. Chickens have personalities and traits and habits! You don't realize just how complex they are until you sit back and observe them over time.

Ain't chikkens great?!?!
They are so much smarter than I ever knew! Mine only get their scratch and veges in the afternoon when we feed the horses. They hear us come in the barn to feed in the afternoon and the rucus is amazing! They are calling and scolding - they want their goodies!
My birds have constant food BUT...

They know what the mealworm bag LOOKS like and SOUNDS like!! All I have to do is shake the bag!! They come running!

They also know 'Hey Ladies!' and 'Hey chook, chook!' It means "Papa's got treats!!"

Oh, and I can't get anywhere near the bird feeders without getting mobbed. They love birdseed. Crazy birds. Who'da thunk?
Typically the higher in the pecking order, the higher their spot on the roost. I have just one 8 foot long roost in the coop. 3 hens sleep at one extreme end and 2 sleep on the opposite side. Who is sleeping where changes a little, but in general one side is for the more dominant hens and the other is for the lower pecking order girls.
What I've learned in the first once you think you've figured them out, they'll change it!!!

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