Chicken Sounds I Can Use?


5 Years
Oct 22, 2017
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My Coop
I want to be able to talk to my chickens so they perfectly understand me, because I think it would be cool if they understood things I was “saying” like other pets can (once you teach other pets, of course).

Does anybody know of some website or app that has sounds from one chicken that I could use to communicate with them? That has all or almost all sounds that they make? Like hello, danger, and I found food?

I know it’s probably rare but it would be great if it were out there. I’ve searched a little but all of the apps I find just have different chickens singing the egg song.

Otherwise, if somebody actually HAD the separate noises in a video or something like that, that would be amazing.
You're supposed to create your own language with them. I think mine understand English just fine. I also speak broken Spanish, French, and German to them. And then our war cry we do for treat or get your behinds over here. That's my favorite for people who've never heard it. Their like what the frack was that?
But seriously if you observe them closely for a while (weeks to months) you'll learn the sounds they make and what they mean. Every flock is different and every bird is different so sounds may not always be the same or mean the same thing. Speaking as someone who spends entirely too much time with their flock I can tell you what their sounds mean and which bird is making it. Which comes in handy for sure. Like sound they make when they need to lay an egg but are having to good a time playing in the yard. Or the difference in the sound for and ground predators or flying predators. Or the sound they make when your in the coop and break wind... they act so offended :lau

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