chicken spit up and is swollen and warm between legs

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  1. roz

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    Aug 2, 2010
    I dont know if this is related at all, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed my girls had lice and mites. I also noticed some of them had swollen bellies (between their legs) that were warm. I treated for lice/mites with permethrin two times and it seemed to take care of the problem, but tonight I went out to the coop to lock it up and our Americana who had the mites on her was situtating herself on the roost and a line of drool came pouring out of her mouth. I then felt her undercarriage, and it was swollen and hot. I checked a couple of other girls and their bellies were swollen too. I dont know what to do. The Americana is about 3 years old, I have a 1+ year old, and the 8 others are almost a year old. I've noticed egg production has been a little less the last couple of days, and it seems as though the eggs are smaller. I have a hamburg that has gone broody, and tonight my phoenix was laying in a nesting box as well. I wonder if this is all related somehow? Any ideas?

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