Chicken spit up?


5 Years
Feb 18, 2019
Central Washington State
Hello... I saw a super weird thing tonight, one of my chickens appeared to throw up. The liquid was clear, slightly more viscosity that water(think, human spit consistency). I didn’t notice a smell. I didn’t have time to watch her too closely, but I had spent time with her today, and knew enough to try to get a look at her crop... did not seem very large at all, considering it was the end of the day and she was in her roost for the night. This afternoon, she seemed as lively as any of the other chickens, nothing in any of their body language suggested illness... even when she yakked, she was moving around normally, sitting tall. She just leaned forward, opened her beak and dropped a big loogie. No sound. And then sat back up like nothing had happened.

I’ve been checking regularly because a little over two weeks ago we had a hawk decapitate two... one in the run, one in the coop itself. I’ve been keeping an eye on them to see how they are reacting to/recovering from the stress. One threw a late molt, but besides some skittishness, nothing besides this...
Sometimes they drink water too fast. I would keep an eye on her just in case it wasn't quick water drinking.

Normally I would think that, that’s something that I have seen on the Internet, but they have horizontal chicken nipples, so it seems unlikely that they could drink too fast out of those? I will keep an eye on that however!
Chickens don’t vomit, but sometimes stuff can come up out of their crops. She may have drank too fast, but I would still check her crop first thing in the am before she had eaten or drank anything just to make sure it’s not becoming impacted.

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