Chicken still not laying. Grandfather will eat them if they dont soon!!! :(


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5 Years
Sep 7, 2014
My brown leghorns still aren't laying! i see them in there homes pecking around the hay but no signs of egg laying! they are a little noisy when i enter the coop but still no signs! Any advice?!?!?!?!
You had posted in your thread a few days ago that they were approximately 6 months old, correct? They look quite close to'll simply need to be patient and they will soon be filling your basket with eggs.
Who's birds are they? I know before you had mentioned them as your birds and how much your son was looking forward to eggs - surely that alone would be argument enough against your grandfather (or is it your son's grandfather) taking the liberty of culling them for having not yet matured. It isn't as though they aren't laying by choice, they simply aren't quite ready yet.
My son'd grandfather. Yes they are kine he gave them to us but hes a rude jerk. I hope they lay soon. They make a lot of noise and are curious of the hay in there houses.
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