Chicken Story and Photo Contest!


Aug 6, 2018
Pilesgrove, New Jersey
Okay, so I have some chicken stories and thought this would be fun. I know there is a similar official contest, I just like the stories. Please don't spam that I stole the concept.

  1. 3 stories per person
  2. 1 picture per story
  3. Can be from anytime
  4. Winner is not guaranteed a prize
I will put your posts in the categories!
(PM me to judge)
  • Chicken Squad (funny whole flock stories)
2 category winners
First will maybe get prizes?
  • Sassy Chickens:
2 category winners
First place will maybe get a prize?
  • Funny Chickens
3 category winners
First and Second place will maybe get prizes?
  • Overall
4 Category winners
First will maybe get a prize?

If I can not get prizes donated, there will be none. I hope I can, but the overall winner may be the only one who gets a prize. I'm sorry!
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I had a buff orpington hen who was not laying eggs. Finally one day I saw her outside the fence coming out from under a canoe. There were at least 20 eggs under the canoe. She hung out as I was looking at the eggs, I realized I had to catch my hen. I said to her DUT-DUT-dutaht which usually makes a hen squat down and I can catch them. Instead of going down, she just repeated what I said "DUT-DUT-Dutaht. She was very sassy about it.

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