Chicken story books?

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    I am going to be "teaching" a group of KG's about chickens, chicks and eggs this May. I am planning on bringing in some of the chicks we will be getting. And "maybe" my BO Audrey.. since she is the most people friendly of the 5 layers we currently have. And hand sanitizer. [​IMG]

    I have "Bob the Rooster" But was thinking maybe something with hens, eggs and chicks? Although, I also dont want those kids that eat eggs to decide that they cant because eggs have baby chicks in them. [​IMG]
    I still dont think my mom has forgiven me for telling my sister that [​IMG]

    I was also thinking of making a little packet of chicken games, jokes and basic info for each kid. Approx 24

    These are city kids that will be lucky if they even have a pet hamster.
    My daughter is just lucky that she has a mom that is nuts.
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    There is a stroller book (no title) shaped like a chick. My daughter LOVES it! She has loved it to pieces (literally) and the librarian at my school has put it back together 3 times! It is published by DK books. I think you can find it on Amazon if you search stroller book and DK and chick. It starts with a chick hatching out of an egg..."Hello, little chick!" Next page it shows lots of cute little chicks "What noisy little chicks! Cheep, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!" It is a great book! Have fun with the KGs!
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    a while ago there was a post with children's chicken books...and a librarian on here posted LOTS and LOTS of them.

    I have one called Rosie's Walk...a hen goes walking and a fox follows her and all this crazy stuff happens to the fox....bee hives get him....and she makes it back to her coop totally oblivious.

    kind of funny and cute.

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