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    Aug 12, 2011
    A story from a chickens point of view...

    it was a cold December night and i was huddled against the wall of my quaint little house. My name is Lucy and I just moved into my house.
    i'm still trying to get used to my neighbors. some of them are very nice but others not so. i really want to make friends but i am very shy.
    My only freind is my "Landlord" she is a very sweet person and she looks out for me. if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have a freind in the world. Oh! my how time flys!
    the sun is almost comming up! oh no that rooster will let out any minute now. that sound annoys me greatly! he sound like a squeaky toy! maybe i can sneak downstairs before the others wake up... there we go, oh feel that breeze. oh look! My freind is comming! Gotta go!!
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    Wonderful Story!!! More!!!!!!
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    cute. [​IMG]

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