Chicken stuck with no water for 5 days!!


5 Years
Apr 25, 2017
One of our hens mysteriously went missing. We saw no signs of distress, were absolutely stunned. Fast forward 5 days later, we went to refill the feeder and found her inside alive. I have no idea how she managed to get in there. She is pale, wabbles from being in ackward position. She drank a ton and is eating but I'm so nervous her kidneys shut down by now. What a crazy event but so happy to have her.
Hey, at least she had food? heh. I see you've fixed the top opening problem, at least for now. I'd just treat her for shock and dehydration. Maybe sugar water to get calories in her because she likely wouldnt keep eating pellets if she had no water to process them with, I assume
Nutridrench or sav-a-chick can really help in situations like this.
I am surprised she was able to get in there and wasn't making a loud fuss.
We believe the only possibility is if she landed at the edge of the top, her weight would have lifted it up, the rest is a mystery. It is very tight so she couldn't move her wings to flop. My husband heard some odd noise once, went to check on them but didn't see any distress, never thought it was the feeder. The squirrels sometimes make noises too, so he walked away.

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