Chicken suddenly sick and died, don't know why??

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    My poor BO Jolene died suddenly tonight. My husband just built them a new coop and she has not wanted to roost, she gets in the nest box or lays on floor and I haven't noticed where she has pooped. I got her 4 months ago and she was supposedly 2014 chick. The lady said she was broody when I got her. Her comb wasn't as bright red as my others, more pinkish really. She looked big and healthy while I had her she was just more laid back and slow, never got in a hurry. Past week or so I noticed her comb has turned a very dark red. Well today she didn't come out of coop. Her tail was pointed down and it was like she was pumping it. She also had her mouth open. Comb flopped over. She got up and came out but just stayed in the run so I checked her vent and didn't feel a bound egg. I also saw her poop a half normal half runny poop. But as the day went on she just laid around and didn't have appetite. I made a hospital cage and gave her a warm bath. I also gave her some water with Apple cider vinegar and treatment for cocci in a dropper. She started making a noise while breathing. Then she died right in front of me. She kinda did a weird jump and then slowly laid over on her back and died in like 2 minutes. I have no idea what was wrong and I'm hoping nothing contagious. Does this sound familiar at all to you?? I didn't see any mites and I didn't feel a lump at her crop either. I'm not even sure she has laid me any eggs since I got her.
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    I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

    There are so many things chickens can die of and unless you do a necropsy, you'll probably never know for certain.

    Brooding weakens the immune system of hens, and she was moved to a new location during that, you say 4 months ago? That could have created numerous stresses that brought on latent illnesses or conditions.

    I suspicion coccidiosis may have been involved. There are numerous types, and not all produce the typical bloody diarrhea.

    Mareks is very common, and a slow growing type can be triggered by a move as that is a stressor.

    Older hens can get liver failure from numerous conditions, especially commercial breeds for high lay....early laying can bring on general early demise. Also too high of protein feed, or not enough nutrients in the feed. They also become dehydrated and anemic with worm overload. She might have eaten something on the property that made her unwell.

    I hope you had her isolated appropriately. Chances are, she will be the only one that dies. Every so often I have a chicken that dies for no obvious reason...just becomes lethargic, starts wasting, then dies.

    Again without a necropsy, you'll never know for certain.

    Just watch the rest of the flock. I'd put them all on ACV in the water and extra vitamin boosts to help with their immune systems. If you haven't wormed or pest treated in awhile, I'd do so now if everyone looks normal. (You might not want to worm during a bout of something.)

    You might put everyone on medicated (Amprolium) chick feed if coccidiosis is a possibility. The new bird may have been affected by the different cocci in your soil, but she also would have brought a different type from her soil. Coccidiosis can happen quickly, or can be a slower, wasting condition depending upon the type of coccidia and where they located in her system.

    My 2 cents.
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