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    Do chickens talk? I swear when I go out in the morning and I hear them cackling to themselves its a totally different sound then when they know Im coming or when they know Im watching them. It turns into more of an honk then a cluck and if I do not bring a treat they get kind of loud about it. I swear they are telling me to go get the treats. Also at night when I go check on them to close everything up they are much louder, again I think they are asking me where the treats are.
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    Well, they have egg songs and danger squawks, "I found food!" calls and all sorts of little gripes and contented clucks. All my girls talk to each other and to me. I have one that answers me and initiates conversation. Her vocabulary includes "Huh?"; "Huh-uh!"; "Uh-Huh..."; "Uh-uh-huh!" and "Huh-uh-huh!" with different intonations and accents. I know; She's a genius.[​IMG]
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