Chicken Tending Clothes?


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Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
I expect there are other people who have to tend chickens in the morning then scoot off to work (I have to leave at 7 to clock in at 7:30), which means that you end up already in your work clothes by the time it's light enough to do the feeding, watering, etc.

I've got rubber "coop boots" I can slip on and off easily, but am trying to figure out my best option for something to go over my work clothes. My first thought was something like a smock or scrub jacket. It has to cover down over my hips and have sleeves. And it can't be too warm because this is central NC and I'll have warm, sticky mornings into October.

Any thoughts?


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May 7, 2017
East Texas
I'm in hot and sticky east Texas.
I leave early too. I'm self employed so I do have a little leeway as far as arrival time.

I do my (minimal) makeup and hair. Slip on a tshirt, jeans, and crocs to tend the chickens then back inside to throw on my work clothes.

I haven't found an alternative. I suppose a light weight jumpsuit might make a good cover up but I think it would take longer to put it on and take it off than changing clothes.

Looking forward to reading other responses.


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May 27, 2015
I pull on sweat pants and t-shirt, do my stretches, then feed the chickens, then get dressed in my good clothes. Breakfast is in there too, chicken time is getting later each day so now I eat before the chickens do.


Apr 7, 2020
Cleveland, OH
We have a gym in our garage so it goes something like this: stumble out of bed, stumble out to the coop to open prop door, wake up and work out for 45m-1hr, go inside, start coffee take shower. I'll throw on a t-shirt and sweats, hair still in a towel (part of my hair routine anyways), go back out to tend to the chickies (feed fermented food, change water in the run, check for eggs etc) before going back in to get ready for work.

I have rain boots that I always wear into the run so I don't really have to worry about my clothes getting dirty. I've gone out there in my work clothes and rain boots and didn't feel weird about it. I'm not really doing much in the mornings - if I have to clean something out or actually go into the coop I'll plan it for an off day or do it after work.

Would overalls and a jacket work for you?


Jun 16, 2020
I work from home and my ‘chicken chores’ take place whenever I decide to go out there. My work attire is based up on the seasonal weather. Summer- shorts, t shirt and flip flops. I have a pair of crocs that are my official ‘chicken shoes’ as that’s what I slip on every time I go to the chicken coop and they stay out on the back porch. I don’t change clothes every time I go out there or is be changing at least twice a day. I just slip my crocs on, go do my chicken stuff and wash my forearms and hands really good when I go back inside. As long as I don’t get chicken dookie on me I’m good lol


11 Years
Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
Thank you all. I hadn't thought about a housedress.

I can't get dressed twice because dawn is getting later and there simply isn't time before I have to leave. I suppose that before we go back to standard time I'll have to have some kind of light out there so I can see to do the feed and water.

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