Chicken that thinks it's a People?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LuvOurChix, Oct 27, 2010.

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    We had rescued a baby chick late spring. We rescued it from its mother. She tried to kill it once it came out of the egg. Little did we know, she knew more than we knew. However, we took it in the house, put it in a box with a lamp, bedding, food and water. We raised it, and after a while this little guy thought it was a People. It demanded to be held, kind of like a cat. It would fly on to us and MAKE us hold it. It would peck us if we tried to put it down. It refused to go with the other chickens as it got older and would hide in the basement to get away from them and wait for us to come close up the coop to make a break for the upstairs door and we would find it on the back of the couch.

    Unfortunately, one of our Roo's chased it off during the day and we haven't seen Chance since. We sure do miss the little bugger, but we were wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of behavior before?[​IMG]

    Oh yeah...almost forgot, late summer we had a pig roast with a ton of people here...Chance mingled with the people and the kids, and wanted held by everyone that would actually pick up the chicken and hold it. It ran around on the deck amongst the feet of the big people looking for the next body to roost on.
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    That's adorable! [​IMG]
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    Awww! I hope you find her/him! I have a cockerel that was the only one in his hatch. He became imprinted on me, and now is having a very hard time getting assimilated with the flock. The older birds beat him up. The chicks 5 weeks younger than him pick on him too! He is such a sweet boy, and runs between my legs to get away from "the chickens"! I had to build him a seperate pen in the coop so the big guys don't kill him. Hopefully, sometime in the future, he will get used to them, and them to him. Otherwise, he may have to wear a diaper, and be a free-range house chicken! [​IMG] Good luck, hope you find your baby!
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    I have one like that... spoiled rotten and I love her to death!


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